St. Michael’s Veteran’s Center (SMVC) empowers veterans toward healthy reintegration with their families and communities through permanent housing and supportive services.

We provide a dignified place to live and an opportunity for veterans to become their best selves. SMVC’s professional staff customizes wraparound solutions to support veterans’ goals around employment, physical and mental health, trauma and addiction management with the means and support necessary to achieve long-term health, employment and financial stability.

Our campus is a home and a community where veterans can live their best lives and give back to their community.

Housing Permanency

SMVC adopted the Housing First and Permanent Supportive Housing models to have a sustained impact on ending veteran homelessness in Kansas City. These evidence-based models focus on permanent housing with wrap-around support are equally essential components to keep people housed and healthy. Key principles of these models include a low-barrier admission policy, no programmatic prerequisites, supportive services are voluntary but are actively used to engage veterans with a focus on housing permanency and wellness, and veteran residents have full rights, responsibilities and legal protections.

SMVC also focuses on a third element that makes us unique – we build a vibrant community that takes care of our neighbors.  The campus is infused with pride. The campus becomes a place for formerly homeless and disabled veterans to live, and a home and community where they can live their best lives and give back. It provides a unique opportunity to build positive relationships and mutual support among veterans.

Our History

SMVC has been an important piece of Kansas City’s solution to end veteran homelessness by offering permanent supportive housing to over 250 veterans experiencing homelessness or living with a disability.

  • SMVC’s Housing Phase I with 58 apartment homes opened in 2014
  • SMVC’s Housing Phase II with 59 apartment homes and the SMVC Service Center opened in 2016
  • SMVC’s Housing Phase III Groundbreaking on June 14, 2024, with anticipated completion in late 2025.
  • Patriot Park, a memorial to our community’s veterans, is being built at the entrance to the campus in 2024 and 2025.  Learn how you can be involved at

    The development of SMVC is a public-private partnership. This partnership between private firms and community partners capitalized on each member’s experience and dedication to successfully complete SMVC. City, state, and federal agencies played an indispensable role in the vision, coordination, funding, and implementation of SMVC’s long-range solutions to meet the needs of those who served in our country’s military.  Each of these partners were committed to creating a sustainable solution that will endure for decades to come.


Susan Engel - Executive Director

Donnie Wilson - Services Manager

John Riley - Veteran Peer Support Specialist

Board of Directors

Art Fillmore – Chairman

Bob Waechter – Treasurer

Jonathan Cohn

Stacey Johnson – Cosby

Joseph Kessinger

Phillip Mason

Leadership Council

The SMVC Leadership Council cultivates community engagement and financial support through volunteer leaders who are dedicated to end homelessness among veterans and build a vibrant community that takes care of our neighbors.

Charles Cantrell:  Elks Lodge
Helen Hatz:  Air Force Sargeants Association
Randy  Henderson: Elks Lodge – Cass County
Robert LaDue: Knights of Columbus – 4th Degree Knights
Nathan Marticke:  Park University

Amy Mendenahll

Kim Murch: Elks Lodge Northland
Roland Norris: Veterans Focus Liaison Committee and Corvette Club of Kansas City

David Pecha: Knights of Columbus

Debbie Phillips: UMB Bank

Gary Phillips: Rotary
Darrell Quinley: Elks National Service Commission
Jason Ramlow: American Red Cross
Fred Reynolds:  Church of the Resurrection

Steven Rotkoff: Rotary

Steve Soloman: Elks Lodge Blue Springs
Tom Tanner:  American Legion Post 21 / Legion Riders