The Key to our Continued Success is YOU

There are several ways to help St. Michael’s Veterans Center:


One time gifts of cash or frequent flyer miles, monthly donations and workplace matching programs can all transform lives with your support. You also can help by donating food and personal care items.


Volunteers are key to the work we do. If you have an hour or two to spare join our great crew of volunteers.


The options are endless when it comes to raising money for St. Michael’s Veterans Center. Contact us to help you develop a custom fundraising event.


We rely on the generosity of corporate sponsors. Contact us today to explore how you can become a sponsor and make a difference for Kansas City veterans.


Our volunteers our diverse in age, background and experience.  Some work a few hours per month and some who work several hours per week. We enjoy the support of Kansas City’s veterans, social and faith-based organizations.

Our largest group of volunteers are the residents themselves. Our residents know what it means to serve and they are always ready to help in any way they can. If you have an hour or two to spare, you can join our great crew of volunteers too! We always need extra hands in the food pantry or planning special events. Maybe you have a great idea for our veterans that you’d like to try—we’re always open to new ideas.

The SMVC Leadership Council engages the community to support campus activities. If you like to engage others and plan strategically, please consider joining the leadership council. Call 816.921.0201.

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