Veteran Navigation

VetNav will focus on helping veterans who have applied to live at SMVC but face an uncertain future with a months-long wait list.  There are currently 86 individuals on the SMVC waiting list, of which 58 are veterans experiencing homelessness.  It is expected this number will only increase in the coming months as our community recovers from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. VetNav will support veterans to find immediate shelter and transitional housing while concurrently pursuing permanent housing.  VetNav will expand our capacity to help each of these veterans navigate services across various VA programs, mainstream benefits and social service agencies to better assure that they know of, pursue and secure the support and resources they need. VetNav participants will also benefit from SMVC campus resources including a food pantry, personal care and household items, coffee shop, showers, laundry facilities, veteran wellness programming, computers, and most importantly they can become part of our vibrant community that encourages mutual support.

SMVC will work with up to 50 veterans to address their immediate housing needs.  Through this intervention, 90% of VetNav participants will find safe shelter or transitional housing within 30 days and 50% of veteran participants will secure affordable, permanent housing within 6 months.

Veteran Wellness Programs through a partnership with the VA Whole Health Program [Reinstated after the COVID-19 Pandemic]

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