We are here for any and all veterans in our community. Those seeking housing or support services, as well as those seeking to serve others are welcome on our campus.


Affordable Housing & Services

Quality, affordable and permanent housing to veterans. More than a place to live, we provide support services to our veteran community to create a full living experience.


A Vibrant Community

SMVC provides a unique opportunity to build positive relationships and mutual support among residents.


Veteran Wellness

Professional and licensed staff assist veterans with services such as employment, physical and mental health, trauma and addiction management.

Veteran Services

St. Michael’s Veterans Center provides quality, affordable permanent housing and support services to veterans experiencing homelessness or living with a disability.

Our 24-acre campus with 117 apartment homes is designed to empower veterans toward healthy reintegration with their families and communities by providing safe, permanent housing and supportive services.

    • Customized professional social services to sustain permanent housing

    • Comprehensive wellness and care

    • Basic necessities such as food and personal care items

    • A community of veterans helping each other



St. Michael’s Veterans Center has a minivan to provide door-to-door  transportation services for our veterans who are without a vehicle. Twice weekly a volunteer driver takes SMVC veterans to the store and other needed trips. We need your help in order to continue offering this valuable service! You can donate cash, gift cards or services to help cover the costs of insurance and maintenance of the van. We need gas cards, oil changes, tire rotation and replacement, tune ups, etc.