Guardian Award Nomination Form

Award Categories

Individual Guardian Award

In honor of those who directly serve veterans through work or as a volunteer.

The Art Fillmore Veteran Award

• Volunteer/Service Professional

Organization Guardian Award

In honor of those that have a mission to improve the lives of veterans.

• Service organization/Foundation

Corporate Guardian Award

In honor of those that demonstrate employment best practices to attract, hire and retain veterans in the workforce or support veterans in their communities.

Nominee Criteria

• The nominee has made a significant and recognizable influence in serving our veteran community with a demonstration of leadership.

• An individual/organization/company may nominate themselves.

• National organizations with a local presence are eligible.

Award and Selction Process

• Nominations are due by April 1, 2024. Complete the nomination form and nominee story in the form below, or download, print, and email this form.

• An Awards Selection Committee will evaluate nominations with final approval by the SMVC Board of Directors.

• All nominees will be informed if they were selected as the award winner by April 15, 2024.

• As a nominator, you will be informed of receipt of the nomination as well as the result of the evaluation following the selection process.