We had such a great response to our 2021 Flag Day contest. Thank you to all of the people who submitted an essay or drawing. Congratulations to our winners!

Essay Winner: Regan Rusinger

What the flag means to me

You know that amazing feeling of the warm spring air. And the cool spring breeze. Then you look up and see this flag dancing in the wind. That is our American flag that means so much to so many people. I am one of those people and here is why.

I love the flag because I know so many people died fighting for it. And all those people who died had family members who had to deal with sadness and pain. The fighters who did make it out alive had no picnic. They had to go through awful conditions and had many injuries. They are also now mentally and physically scarred.

I also love our flag because it means freedom. We might take freedom for granted but it truly is an amazing thing. It’s amazing to be able to wake up in the morning and know you are free to be different. Not everyone has freedom many countries aren’t able to enjoy the luxury of freedom that’s why we should be thankful every day for our loved ones, freedom, the army and our flag

Adult Essay Winner: Carl Yonkers

When I was young I didn’t really understand the meaning of our flag. As I got older and further along in school I learned just what it stood for.

Because of all the men and women who fought for it, I am allowed to live in a free country and all that freedom entails. Speech, religion and many others.

The United States was built on immigrant people from other countries. Looking for a better place, where they were not subject to the tyranny they were subjected to in their countries. History teaches how these people formed what is now America. Land of the free.

How they fought invasion from other countries to assure that freedom. How they formed a government. Of the people, by the people, for the people. Not just some of the people. All of the people. Regardless of sex or ethnicity.

It saddens me when I see all of the disrespect shown to our flag. By our own citizens who enjoy the freedom it affords each of us.

How our military is treated. Cursed and spit upon for doing their job. Protecting us from all foreign and domestic invasions.

I wonder about our government, always bickering and arguing to get their own way. Not arguing with one another for the benefit of all the people. Not just the rich and powerful. Forgetting the less fortunate who put them in office.

We have hundreds of people at our border trying to get into our country. Knowing the freedom our flag represents. Those in our country unhappy can change place with them, who would gladly pledge allegiance to our flag and what it stands for.

Art Winner: Allison Montgomery

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